Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

When Lisi went outside the next morning, Brian and George 
were waiting for her. "Could you come up with any new plans 
to save the kittens?" they said.
 "Yes," answered Lisi. "they need a Mother and a Father. 
That is the only way they can be saved. Brian, you and I are 
going to be their parents. We are going to get married!"
 "Are you crazy, Lisi? I can`t get married today! 
George and I have to play ball this morning."
 "Then we will have to do it quickly." Lisi said urgently. 
"Think of the kittens, Brian!" "Oh alright," reluctantly, 
Brian agreed. 

Lisi scurried to the attic and returned with a hymnbook and some 
old party clothes. "It must look like a real wedding, or it won`t 
work," she said. "George, you can be the minister."
Solemnly, George took his place. "Will you, Lisi, be the mother 
to the kittens?" 

"Yes," she replied.

"Brian, will you be father to the kittens?" he asked. 

But Brian did not answer. He was looking over at his pals whowere waiting for him to play ball. 
"Brian!" George prompted, "answer the question."
"I guess," said Brian.
"I now pronounce you Mother and Father." 
Brian ran home to tell his  mother the good news.
His Mother told him he still could not keep the kittens.
Lisi`s Mother would not change her mind, either.