Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

Andrew followed his sister into the garden.

"Maybe I should do a good deed to make up
for the wallpaper," said Lisi "Yes, I know what I will do.
I will bring a present to Mrs.Green.
She lives all by herself. I bet she gets very lonely.
I will give her something to keep her company."

Andrew helped Lisi to wrap up the gift for Mrs.Green.
Together they crossed the street and rang the bell.
When Mrs. Green saw what Lisi had done,
she disappeared into her house and returned
with a basket of freshly baked cookies.

"Thank you very much fo being so thoughtful. 
Please have some cookies."

Lisi and Andrew filled their pockets with the sweets
and, feeling quite pleased with themselves, returned home.
Just as they were entering their back door, they heard

an awful scream. They ran to the front yard in time to see
Mrs. Green throw the box Lisi had given to her into the trash.

"I guess she didn`t like Archie," said Andrew sadly.

"But how could somebody not like a tame frog?" Lisi asked
shaking her head in wonder.