Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

Brian was Lisi and Andrew`s best friend.

He lived next door and, just like Lisi, was almost seven.
The children played together nearly every day.

One day, last summer, the three friends decided to play shop.
They cut lots of flowers from their gardens and set up a
stand of pavement. Just before the shop was ready to open,
Andrew climbed up the big birch tree with the long garden
hose. Carefully, he crept out onto the branch that hung
right over Lisi and Brian`s flower stand.

Before long, Mr. Jones walked past.

"Would you like to buy a flower?" asked Lisi.
"No, thank you," replied Mr. Jones.
"Oh, but these are very special flowers," said Brian,
"they protect you against the rain."

Mr. Jones laughed, "It is a beautifull day! There isn?t a
cloud in the sky. I don`t think it will rain today."

"Well, you never can tell!" said Lisi. "Maybe you should
buy some just to be safe?" With that, Lisi gave Andrew
the secret signal. Andrew quickly turned the hose on.
A fine rain started to fall.
"What is this?" Mr. Jones asked angrily. "It can`t be
raining! The sun is shining! Oh, bother!" he said as he
stomped away.

For the rest of the afternoon, the sale went very well.
That is until Dad came home. When he discovered the children
sprayed water on everyone who did not buy flowers, they
had to close the shop immediatly.