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This website is a private, non-commercial project.

Since a long time - I think it must be about 20 years -  I collect Lisi Martin postcards, and the little box for all my cards has got really overcrowded.

When I started with my first website I also wanted to show that I am a great big lover of Lisi`s art.  I was shown my collection online. One day I recieved an eMail - sender: Lisi Martin. Her son has found out my site. A wonderful friendship started. I still fell happy, when I think about the first moment, when Lisi contacted me. 

By time I have thought about making a special website about Lisi Martin.  So I asked Lisi Martin, if she likes the thought of "making" a Lisi Martin Fanboard, because there are so much lovers of her artwork and she said: It is okay with me.

There was another surprise for me. A good friend of mine, who knows that I would like to realise this project made be a present: He gave me the domain as a gift. Lisi Martin Fanboard could be started.

Besides, this website is a big THANK YOU to Lisi Martin for creating all of these wonderfull pictures, she made and will make in future. Also, I have to thank PICTURA for their OKAY to start up, this website.

This website is the third version of and I made my site responsive now.

Second Version
of the Lisi Martin Fanboard:

First Version
of the Lisi Martin Fanboard: