Lisi Martin Artwork

By exploring the following sites you will see more about Lisi Martins artwork. Most of Lisis artwork you can find in the picture-galleries. But there is also the book 
"Lisi and the Kittens" I would like to introduce to you.

Most known are the Christmascards illustraded by Lisi.
It seems to be a hard way to get her postcards, but meanwhile you can order them in www. Also you can get more of the different images painted by Lisi Martin. 

In the picture-galleries you will find lots of postcards, I have collected all over the years. Also I have to say thank you, to all the Lisi friends which have sent me images.  

If you like to help fill up the galleries, you would make me very happy. Maybe you have some images you can not find on If you like, you can send them to:   Joy - you can send to all the other Lisi friends, too.

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