Lisi Martin

were born in Barcelona, Spain. 

Lisi works with really perfection and demands a lot to her artwork. She shows you the childrens wonderful world of fantasy, a world that often got lost by adults.

.. this you can read at most of her postcards.

The perfection you can see on her cards. Every time you look again at her images, you will find another tiny detail, you didn`t realise before.

Her paintings are equiped with lots of love and that much emotions that it must show you: There is a woman with the same love and emotions as her artwork.

Most of Lisi Martin Friends know the little picture that is offered on lots of postcards of her.

This fotography of Lisi, has been taken 18 years ago, as she wrote to me.



So I felt really happy, when Lisi Martin sent me a topical fotography in her second mail. 

I asked Lisi, if she feels okay showing her foto in www.
Lisi Martin said, it`s okay with her and now I can present you a picture of her - how she looks like today - 18 years later.

Thank you so much, Lisi Martin!