eMail from Lisi

Everytime, an eMail of Lisi Martin is arriving, I feel very happy.

Some of the mails I will show you - in extracts - on Lisi Martin Fanboard, in future, because I think that you are also interested, in what Lisi Martin is writing to me, special if there are some great news.

This is a special offer to you, so please do not copy anything and it is not allowed to offer or show anything of this site on other websites, without written permission by me.

Thank you for understanding.

Maildate 12.12.02

Dear Bea:

Now is Christmastime, and it is the best moment to say how happy I’m with your fan portal. It is thank you and your enormous work in it. You are a very generous person and I’m lucky to be your friend.

I would like to give to all of my artwork’s fans my thankfulness and wish them a MERRY CHRISTMAS To:
Inger, Line Westberg, Cyndi, Jaksen, Caro, Andrea, Fran, Susanne, Paula Chapell, Jeannette, Sue, Bruder Tuck…….

I’m especially surprised to see the depictured of my prints, It’s lovely and wonderful, because I know how difficult is without the original, and only the prints on. I agree with you about de Jessica’s picture, It’s very nice, the same about Nº 2 Conny’s picture, when I see your fan portal’s girl, very well done, my feeling is that you are able to develop your own style, because this face has a quite big personality, really she is live¡. Gisela, her picture is well drawed, try to put in it some colour. Maybe for don’t destroy the original; you can to make some photocopies and to paint in it. About the artist (I don’t know his name) who has made the umbrella’s girl. I think he has a quite good technique maybe in watercolour, I’m not sure but it is very well done.

Here you are quite little answers about my technique.
It is very mixed.
The first thing to do, of course, is to draw one sketch in pencil, after it, to transfer this sketch on a good watercolour paper (I employ the paper from Germany).if the design is not so complicate I draw direct on the watercolour paper, then I start to pain the softer chromatic scale and I continue gradually whit the stronger colours, and then I finished everything with colour’s pencil, ink, or black pencil The back rounds are the most difficult; it needs to be done before.

Thanks again to everybody who has written me through your fan portal as this man who was born at the German after wartimes. The heart and the special feelings are the most universal because are in our inside world. I wish you and to everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS, FROHES FEST

Maildate 7.10.02

Dear Beatrice:

Finally September is finished, and now I’ve a little more free time, this summer I started a new teddy bears line, it has to be done at the end of September.

We are much exited looking your artwork about me.

About your idea of the "private gallery" or to help another artists answering questions or to choose the best depicture I agree…. The problem is, time, I’m not sure to be rapid enough in my answers , I’m sorry.

Here you are, Beatrice , my answer to Pirjo, please could you to correct my English ?
Thanks a lot.

Dear Pirjo thank you for yours very nice opinions about my artwork.

I’m drawing for a Scandinavian company 20 years ago, and I’ve visited these countries quite often, but Finland just one. Since the first day I felt in love with their people, shadows, homes, etc…

My feelings are so similar that when I are alone in my studio my imagination come back to the North, specially when I’m drawing Christmas cards.
I don’t know this book "Bullebü" It can be very interesting, I’ll tray to found it, maybe it can help me in my work, thanks again.

With love