Interview with Lisi Martin

I have got a lot of inquiries about: who is Lisi Martin. Where does she live and much more. I wrote all your questions, even mine, to Lisi Martin as an interview per mail.

Meanwhile Lisi Martin sent me back the interview and I want to thank her for the laborious work. Everything has to be translated into Spain and also backwords into English.
I feel real happy to give you her answers to my questions, here on Lisi Martin Fanboard.

Very important:

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Dear Lisi Martin, thank you so 
much for answering to all my questions!

Dear Lisi Martin, most of your "fans" don`t know that much about you. They really want to know a lot about you.

Here are some of questions I recieved from friends of your artwork. 
I would be happy if you would tell them about yourself. Just take the questions you like.

Question: When and where were you born.?
Lisi: I was born in 1944 in Barcelona

Question: Would you like to tell me something about your family?
(do you have a sister or brother, maybe both and so on..)
Lisi: I have only one brother older than me.

Question: How was your childhood?
Lisi: I had my studies in a religious college, and,
i remember perfectly my first class of drawing;
the teacher showed my work to the every body,
It was a train in black pencil..

Question: At what time you started to paint?
Lisi: I’ve been drawing since I was at last 4 ó 5 years old,
but I’d never noticed that I was god with it.
Because I was quite timid and lonesome I realised
a world of fantasy in my imagination.

Question: Did you learn any career?
Lisi: When I was 16 i started my art studies in the 
“Escuela Massana de arte”, in Barcelona. 
But this kind of illustration in those years
wasn’t learn in any school.
When i was 19 i started to work in a cartoon studios,
meanwhile I was drawing my first Christmas card in
my free time.
It happened when i was 20 and still... to now.

Question: How do you live today?
Lisi: I’m married and the mother of two boys:
Gerard 30, and Eduard 26.
I’m living in Barcelona with my husband, Ferran, 
and my dog Elsie, the fox-terrier that 
has been often painted in my cards.

There are some questions about your artwork,
and the way : the personality Lisi Martin became the artist Lisi Martin

Question: How does it happen that you are in co-operation
with Pictura?
Lisi: I started with Pictura in 1.983 after working
in 2 spanish companies,
I meet them at the Frankfurt fair.

Question: What else contains your artwork in co-operation with
Pictura? Do they tell you, what they want from you?
Can you paint anything that you want and they print all
your artwork?
Lisi: The cards themes, are suggested some time by me
and some time by Pictura, but I’m free in the 
development the stories.

The next questions are about your pictures, itselfs 
Question: I`m fascinated everytime I look at your images, because
there are so many niceties to find again and again.
How long does it take to paint one of your typical pictures?
Lisi: More o less, one card with details, snow or colourful,
takes about 10 ó 15 days, but you know, 
the art work is not mathematic...

Question: Why do you paint all that little cute stuff into your pictures? Isn`t a picture well done, if there is a child, a background and maybe a toy next to it?
Lisi: As I told you, I was quite timid and lonesome
I realised a world of fantasy in my imagination.
Maybe because of that, there are a lot of details in my drawings,
complementing my little stories without thinking to much about
the artistic result (this is my big defect).
To describe my artwork is quite difficulty to me.
I relate litle stories, with lines and colours, 
maybe it’s no so well done or perfect,
but this is not necessary, if it produce one smile,
one remembrance, to me, this is enough.

Question: Can you tell Pictura where to sell your
cards and other things, you make?
Lisi: About the products only Pictura decide 
what kind of this to do, they are the owner of
all the rights.