Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

The sun shone through the window waking
Lisi up early. She snuggled under the covers. Then she
realized what day it was. It was Monday - her birthday!
Oh, how she had longed for this day! It was wonderful
to be seven years old!

She was going to have a birthday party. All of her
friends were invited. Mother and Father had spent
her entire morning arranging the table in the garden.

Lisi couldn`t wait.

Finally, it was time. Her guests arrived and brought
her many gifts. They played games and sang "Happy Birthday".
And, of course, they ate lots of ice cream and cake.
Everyone was having such fun!

Lisi ran into the house to get some more lemonade.
Mother was having a tea party for some ladies.
One of the women, Mrs. Snow was talking.
Lisi waited politely for her to finish before asking
Mother for some more.

"Yes," said Mrs. Snow, "if I don`t find a home for 
these two little kittens by Friday, I will have to send
them away. I`ve tried to find a nice home for them,
but nobody wants them."

How terrible! Lisi couldn`t believe waht she was 
hearing. Two kittens and nobody wants them! Send them
away! That sounded frightening.

Lisi ran out to the garden to tell her friends.
"Oh how terrible!" said Mary. 
"How can they be so cruel!" cried Stephanie.

They all decided to go home that evening and ask 
their parents if they could keep the kittens.

"Today ist Monday," said Lisi, "Friday will be very soon."