Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

"But Mother," Lisi gasped, "don`t you understand? 
The kittens will be sent away today if we can`t help them! 
It`s Friday, we don`t have any more time!"
"No Lisi. We already have Tom. One pet is enough!"
" If this is what the world is going to be like, I don`t want to 
be in it!" sobbed Lisi. She charged out the door, ran into the 
garden and threw herself down on the lawn. She cried so hard 
her whole body was shaking.
Suddenly, she felt someone lifting her up. It was Dad. At first, 
she was so angry she started to hit him and kick her feet. 
But Dad just hugged her tighter. Then she threw her arms 
around his neck and buried her head in his shoulder. 

She cried, and cried, and cried some more.
Dad opened the door and carried Lisi inside. She heard him say,
"We`ll take good care of these two."
"I know you will," replied Mrs. Snow. "Thank you for coming."
Dad bent down and placed Lisi on the floor. 

Through her tears, Lisi saw two happy little kittens looking 
up at her.