Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

Saturday was a busy day at Lisi`s house.

Father was working in the cellar, Mother was doing the laundry,
even Andrew was busy cleaning his room.
Lisi finished her chores then went out to the garden to play.

It was a beautiful spring day! The sun was shining and all the
trees were beginning to bloom. Lisi lifted up Tom to let him smell
the appleblossoms.

Just then the gate opened and in walked Nelson.
"Hello, is your Mother home?"
"Yes," answered Lisi, "but she is rather busy.
Maybe I can help?"
"Well, do you know what room has to be decorated?" he asked.
"Of course", replied Lisi "Then let`s get started!" said Nelson.

Lisi helped Nelson set up and afterwards went to help Mother.
There was a lot of laundry to do.
As they were finished, Mother called out: "Is someone here?"

"Yes, good afternoon," answered Nelson as he peeped out from behind
the door. "I`m almost finished. Would you like to see. It`s
going to be very nice."

"Nelson!" gasped Mother, "Who told you to wallpaper my bedroom?"

"I did, Mother," said Lisi. "You and Dad liked that blue-striped
wallpaper so much I felt you should have it."

"Elizabeth!" exclaimed Mother.
"Oops! I think it`s best for everybody if I go into the garden
for awhile," thought Lisi.

And it was.