Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

"Two more days!",
thought Lisi happily. "Two more days to my birthday."

Lisi was almost seven years old. Monday was her birthday
and she couldn`t wait. Today was only Saturday.
Two days can be a long time if you are almost seven.

Lisi lived in a lovely yellow house with her Mother
and Father; her younger brother, Andrew, and Tom, her Puppy.

"Lisi", said Father, "We are going to hang new wallpaper
in your room. I have found some very nice blue-stripped
wallpaper in the attic and your room does need to redecorating."

"I don`t like blue!" Lisi pouted. When you are a girl
who is almost seven, you want pink wallpaper, not blue.
Everyone knows that.

"Lisi!" scolded Mother. "Don`t be like that. You should
be glad your room is getting redone."

"Yes," Father said. "I would be very happy to have such
nice wallpaper in my room. I have arranged for Nelson to
to come by and put it up as soon as he can."

"I don`t care what they say," thought Lisi, "I hate
blue wallpaper. I want pink!"