Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

Lisi waited for the mothers to leave.
When she saw Mrs. Snow, Lisi asked if she could walk
home with her to see the kittens.

"Of course you may", Mrs. Snow answered.
When they got to her house, Mrs. Snow told Lisi
the kittens were on the back porch. Lisi opened
the door very slowly and peeked in. She didn`t
see any kittens, only a big basket with a blue
and white blanket.

Suddenly, the blanket began to move.
Lisi tiptoed over to the basket and started
to laugh. There, playing in the blanket, were
two of the cutest kittens she had ever seen.

"Oh, they are so adorable!" she cried.
"I wish I could keep them."

Lisi played with the kittens for awhile but soon
had to go home. She petted them once more before
she left. All the way home, Lisi couldn`t help
but think how terrible mean Mrs. Snow was.