Lisi and the Kittens

A wonderful book for children!

illustraded by Lisi Martin

Then there was the day Lisi, Andrew and Brian
decided to help Dad by cleaning the garden. They 
picked up all their toys putting them neatly away
in the shed. Then they swept the driveway. The last
thing they had to do was to get rid of the big sack
of leaves by the flagpole.

The children tried with all their might, but they
could not move the sack. "What can we do?" moanded
Andrew, "It`s much too heavy for us!"

"We`ll pull it up to the top of the flagpole.
No one will think of looking up there!" said Lisi.

Carefully, they fastened the sack to the flag`s rope.
"On the count to three," called Lisi, "everyone pull.
1-2-3!" The children pulled together. The bag of leaves
was hoisted to the very top of the flagpole.

"Now," stated Lisi, "we have to fasten the rope on
on the hook so the sack won`t fall down." But, the
hook was too high for any of them to reach. They
looked around for something to stand on.

"The box!" shouted Lisi and Brian. Both children
let go the rope at the same time and ran to fetch
the carton.

At that very moment, Dad happend to look out of the
window and saw what the children were up to.
"Oh my goodness!" he exclaimed and rushed out
the door.

"Help! Help!" Andrew screamed. 
"The sack is too heavy for me!"

Dad reached the flagpole just as the sack landed on
top of his head. Bump! Dad fell and landed right in
the roses. "Help! Help!" Andrew cried again.

"Andrew," Lisi called, "where are you?"

"Up here!" called a voice from above. And there was 
Andrew at the top of the pole swinging in the breeze
just like limp flag!